Scanning tunneling microscopy of emergent topological matter

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Time and place: 2020.9.16, 9:00 am, VooV Meeting

Presenter: Jiaxin Yin

Title: Scanning tunneling microscopy of emergent topological matter


The search for topological matter is evolving towards strongly interacting systems including topological magnets and superconductors, where novel effects and unusual phases emerge from the quantum level interplay between geometry, correlation, and topology. Equipped with unprecedented spatial resolution, electronic detection, and magnetic tunability, scanning tunneling microscopy has become an advanced tool to probe and discover the emergent topological matter. In this talk, I will review the proof-of-principle methodology to study the elusive quantum topology in this discipline, with particular attention on the studies under a vector magnetic field as the new direction, and project future perspectives in tunneling into other hitherto unknown topological matter.

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