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High Magnetic Field Center Held the Fourth “Million Gauss Cup” Basketball Match

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On the afternoon of December 4, 2015, strong magnetic field center held the fourth “Million Gauss Cup” basketball match in the new basketball court of the stadium which at the west of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The purpose of this basketball match is enriching the teachers and students of the after-school life, improving everyone's physical fitness, cultivating team spirit and enhancing the collective cohesion.

The first attempt to use the double-defeated tournament system, that is, the team first by lottery results for two pairs. The winners into the winner group, the negatives into the negative group. The negatives of the winner group fell into the negative group, the negative group directly out of the negatives, and finally by the two groups’ winners against the championship. The match for a total of six sessions of the fierce competition. The central magnet department, control department, power supply department and scientific experimental department were sent four teams participating.

In the first round of the match, the scientific experimental department with score 17: 8 victory over the control department, successfully among the winner group. The magnet is overtime with score 27:21 in the battle with the power supply department in the thrift promotion. In the subsequent battle, the scientific experimental department with score 24:15 victory over the magnet sector winners win the championship. However, the players of the central magnet department did not be discouraged, but the more frustrated, in the subsequent negative group finals with score 28:21 beat the power supply department, they accessed opportunity to re-challenge the scientific experimental department. Finally, all the way through the scientific experiment department with the Nirvana return of the central magnet department in the finals meet again. After a fierce competition, the excessive consumption of the body of the central magnet department to the final with score 28:38 lost. The scientific experimental department won the fourth "Million Gauss Cup" basketball champion.

After the match, graduate students association issued trophies and prizes for the four teams. The successful holding of the match not only enhanced the friendship between the students, but also strong magnetic field of this large group more united. And all of the teachers and students were very glad to join in this match.

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