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The Successful hosting of the first Poster contest in Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center

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Correspondent Yixuan Wang)In order to further strengthen the academic exchange of graduate students and be active in the research atmosphere of the center, the first graduate competition was successfully held in Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center recently. The competition was organized by the graduate student union in the center, and all the graduate students in the second grade and above participated in the competition.

The Poster contest began on February 15, ended on March 3, and lasted for17 days .Poster contest was divided into two stages including "display" and "review exchange": the period of "posters show" was from February 15 to February 21, all the works of the students ware played in the form of Poster in the center hall to make the students and teachers to review freely; the period of "Review exchange" was from February 22 to March 3 , it was divided into two groups including "science fair" and " engineering fair ".In order to strengthen the communication between different departments, and guarantee the fair and just review at the same time , the teacher from other department of institute of physics and electrical engineering were invited as the evaluation experts. The evaluation experts in science group were teachers from institute of physics including Wenhao ZhangJingtao LvXin LiuJinhua Gao and teachers from Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center including Gang Xu, Haibin Yu, The evaluation experts in engineer group were teachers from institute of electrical engineering including Ming Zhang,Kai Yang, Shengguo Xia,Jiabing Hu,Li Ren and young teachers from Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center including Yilaing Lv,Qi Chen Quanliang Cao.

During posters presentation, the panels on both sides of the hall formed a beautiful scenery line, attracting the teachers and students from Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center and visitors. Watching and remaking on boards had become a new job for everyone in addition to the scientific research and learning. During the period of comments and communications, all the participants stood in front of the panel and accepted the experts’ comments. Students actively reported their scientific research achievements in the past year, discussing the technical details, exchanging innovative ideas. Students also used idle time to discuss each other passionately, there was a collision of thoughts in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

According to the grade of the evaluation experts, the top 10 outstanding student from two venue were chosen, the winners were as follows: the first prize: Zhipeng Lai , Wenzhang Guo Mingqiang Huang,Lei Yin ,Second prize: Meng Chen,Tieqiang Ren,Lixia Chen,Yixuan Wang,Shengman Li,Sichao Li,Yongfu Ma, Third prize: Shaozhe Zhang,Fan Jiang,Rui Chen,Cheng Chen,Jinhua Wang,Shoufeng Xu,Fangmao Fu,Dong Peng,Mingsong Shen.

On the afternoon of March 15, Poster contest summary meeting was held at the conference room B206 in Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center. At the conference, Yiliang Lv teacher summarized the activities and showed the works of outstanding students , and summarized the achievements and deficiency of the competition. Liang Li , the director of the center ,spoke highly of the competition. He hoped that graduate students could use this opportunity to learn to sum up, and also wanted graduate tutors through similar activities to attach great importance to the topic of graduate students and strengthen the guidance to enhance the level of graduate education in the center.

The Successful hosting of this Poster contest provided a unique learning communication platform for the students in the center, making the students have more opportunities for a summary and exercise, strengthening the academic construction of the center. The center would be on the basis of the "Poster contest", further improving the organizational forms and the communication contents, making "Poster contest" develop into a professional platform of sharing, academic communication, becoming a widely influential brand of academic exchanges.

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