Measurement stations
Auxiliary facilities

The cryogenic system at WHMFC includes cryostats for scientific experiments, a helium recovery and liquefaction system, a liquid nitrogen and other gases supply system. The main cooling methods of measurement cryostats for scientific experiments include helium-4 cryostats, helium-3 cryostats, gas-flow cryostats and dilution refrigerators. In addition to these types of cryostat, a cryogen-free cryostat based on a small GM cryocooler has been developed for electrical transport and magnetization measurements. The helium recovery system recycles the helium gas evaporating from cryostats. The liquefaction system liquefies the helium gas to liquid and supplies the liquid helium to each cryostat. The liquid nitrogen tank stores the liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen pipeline transfers it to each experiment station for cooling magnets. The gases pipelines provide the nitrogen gas, the helium gas and compressed air to each experiment station.

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