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Auxiliary facilities

Three types of pulsed power supply, including a 30.05 MJ/25 kVcapacitor bank, a 100 MVA flywheel pulsed generator and a 1050V/35kA lead-acid batteries bank, have been developed and built for the pulsed high magnetic field facility at the WHMFC in Wuhan, China.

l The capacitor bank consists of 25 independent 1 MJ modules with a short circuit current of 45 kA each, 2 independent 0.8 MJ modules for 60 kA each and a 1.25 MJ module for 80 kA. The 28 modules can be flexibly employed to meet the different magnets’ needs for 30–95 T magnetic fields with pulse duration from 5 to 500 ms in the power hall. Moreover, a 1.2 MJ pioneer module and a 1 MJ prototype module are constructed at the WHMFC.

l The 100 MW/100 MJ inertial energy storage generator is used to energize the flat-top long-pulse magnet via two 67.5 MW 12-pulse power converter modules. Each 12-pulse converter module is designed to provide a full-load voltage of 2.7 kV at the rated current of 25 kA/3 s.

l The battery bank power supply consists of 1476 batteries (model: 12 V/200 Ah/maximum pulse current 2000 A in 2 s),which could generate the high strength and long pulse magnetic field with more smooth and stable shape at the flattop stage.All the batteries are evenly divided into 18 branches in parallel; each branch has 82 batteries connected in series. This results in the no-load voltage of 1050 V and the internal resistance of 13.7 mΩ.


Overview of the capacitor bank (left) and battery bank (right) power supply system.


Overview 100 MVA / 100 MJ Motor - Generator Set (left) and the two 12-pulse power converters (right).

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