China's high pulse magnetic field intensity in 90 tesla

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On the evening of August 6, 2013, Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center (raising) made a major breakthrough. The pulsed magnet , which was developed by the center , successfully achieved the peak magnetic field of 90.6 tesla , refreshing the highest record of the pulse magnetic field intensity in our country once again, making our country become the third country that had broken through 90 tesla in the world after the United States, Germany.

In 2011, the national laboratory of strong magnetic fields was the first to break through 90 tesla non-destructive pulse magnetic field intensity. In order to narrow the gap in the pulse magnetic field level of the European and American countries , Upon proposal made by Yuan Pan academician, professor Liang Li, the director of the center ,made the construction goal of the highest magnetic field intensity increase from 80 to 90 tesla, and had strong support from school leaders . In 2011 and 2012, the center had passed tesla's national acceptance index of 75 and achieved the intensity of the magnetic field of 83 and 86 tesla.

To achieve the construction goal of 90 tesla, under the leadership of the equipment construction department , the magnetics department ,led by Tao Peng, Hongfa Ding, Xiaotao Han, was with the power supply and control measurement technology together, strived for perfection, repeatedly optimized the magnet structure and system, don't pass every details in the technique and technology .Professor Peng Tao spent a month and a half time carefully wrapping magnets in the hot summer .Hard work and hard sweat yielded fruitful results. Finally, on August 6, the intensity of pulse magnetic field in our country reached 90 tesla level. The pulse magnetic effective with 12 mm pore diameter , 480 mm diameter, 500 mm high, adopts structure of double coil that inner coil adopts domestic high strength and high conductivity copper-niobium composite wire and outer coil adopts pure copper wire. Each layer of wire is reinforced with high-strength artificial composite materials, and the thickness of the reinforced materials is obtained by optimizing calculation. The inside and outside coils are powered by the laboratory 1.6 MJ / 25 kv and 11 MJ / 25 kv capacitor modules, the peak magnetic field current was achieved 23kA and 31kA respectively.

It was worth mentioning that the complete set of equipment with magnetic field, power supply and control system producing 90.6 tesla was developed independently by the center. 90 tesla ‘s magnetic field intensity adopted all capacitor group, in the condition of close to full capacity run, withstood the hot, humid environment test, verifying the reliability of the whole device. In the short span of five years, the center had grown from nothing to excellent, and with the efforts of all the people in the center, our country has achieved leap-forward development in the field of the magnetic field intensity.

Pulse magnet is one of the most important parts of high magnetic field. The two main factors that limit the intensity of the magnetic field are the powerful forces produced by interaction between electric current and magnetic field and sharp temperature. The first-class design scheme of magnet is the basis of the development of pulse magnets with high field intensity, two professors Liang Li and Tao Peng in the center worked hard, and successfully developed special pulse magnet design software PMDS, the 90.6 tesla magnets used the software. The software has been selected as a special magneto design too by various pulse high magnetic field laboratories in the European and United States. 90 tesla pulsed magnets in the United States and Germany adopt expensive, high strength and conductivity materials. Compared with them , 90 tesla pulsed magnets of Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center (raising) adopted high strength and high conductivity copper- niobium alloy wires developed by the center and the northwest nonferrous metal research institute only in the inner coils, the outer coil only adopted conventional soft copper conductor. Therefore, the manufacturing cost of magnets is less than one over ten of similar magnet in the United States and Germany. In order to achieve the above 90 tesla magnetic field intensity, Los Alamos National Laboratory for 20 years , The Dresden high magnetic field laboratory for 10 years, and in only five years our country has achieved this level. In the past few years, the construction of the device level obtained the praise of domestic and foreign counterparts, Wuhan national High Magnetic Field Center (raising) has deservedly become the one of world's top four centers of pulse high magnetic field.

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