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About Us

The Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center (WHMFC) is a national research institute based on one of the twelve National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Projects funded by the Chinese National Development and Reformation Committee. The center has completed the development of a pulsed high magnetic field facility and opened to public scientific researchers from both inland and abroad since October, 2014.

The total investment for the pulsed magnetic field facility is 180 million RMB. Three kinds of power system, including a 25.6 MJ capacitor bank consisting of 24 modules of 1 MJ each and 2 modules of 800 kJ each, a 100 MJ / 100 MVA , and a 1000 V lead-acid battery have been built in order to generate pulsed magnetic fields with peak field ranging from 50 T to 90.6 T (highest in Asia, third highest in the world). Eight experimental stations for studying electrical transport, magnetic properties, magneto-optics and electron spin resonance (ESR) can be used in parallel, equipment such as low temperature cryostats (from 50 mK to 400 K), high pressure cells and various lasers with associated optical systems has been installed. This provides an outstanding research tool and high-level research opportunities in the research areas of physics, chemistry, life science and materials science for the scientific communities in China and abroad. An experienced in-house staff provides the necessary assistance to researchers from China and all over the world. Alongside the national laboratories at Los Alamos, Dresden, Tokyo and Toulouse, it has become one of the world's five major scientific centers providing strong pulsed magnetic fields for scientific research and practical applications.

In addition, the development of new technology for electromagnetic equipment will be further pursued. Research on engineering technology with pulsed magnets includes electromagnetic forming, magnetic refrigeration, eddy current brakes and integrated experimental devices for the overall post-assembly magnetization of oversized wind-driven generators.

The WHMFC attaches great importance to academic exchange and cooperation both at home and abroad. It has established good cooperative relations with the KU Leuven in Belgium, the High Field Laboratory Dresden (HLD) in Germany, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) in the United States, University of Tokyo in Japan, Northeastern University, Beijing University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The transfer of experience and technology from other research institutions as well as independent research has led to the development of advanced magnets, power supplies and other equipment by several scientific research institutions.

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