For Users

For Users

1. Discuss with the staff: The users could discuss with one of our principal research scientist (PRS) about the research plan.

2. Application: Use the website ( to write an online application.

3. Review of the application: WHMFC scientists committee will review the application in seven days. After that you will receive an email message.

4. Prepare experiment: Consult with the PRS about the experimental details.

5. Arrive at the lab in time: If the user doesn’t want to come to our center, he/she should tell the PRS at the first stage and prepare the sample which meets the PRS’s requirements and mail it to the PRS before the concerted experiment time. If the user wants to come, but cannot arrive at our center in time, please contact with the PRS three days before the concerted experimental time.

6. New user: Security training is needed for new users

7. security training: The user should obey the security rules of the lab. Training will be performed before the experiment.

8. Start experiment: The experiment time is strictly in accordance with that as scheduled.

9. Finish experiment: Additional experiment times could be applied if the user has discussed with the PRS.

10. Leave the center

11. Summary: No matter the results published or not, the user should go to the website ( to make a summary of the results before the end of the year the experiment conducted. After the cooperated study will be published, the user should send an electronic copy of the paper to the PRS.

The PRS's name and contact could be find in the facility section in this website.

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