Photon-based Spectroscopy Studies of Quantum Materials

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Time and place: 2020.10.15, 9:30 am, VooV Meeting

Presenter: Hu Miao

Title: Photon-based Spectroscopy Studies of Quantum Materials


Correlated quantum materials possess remarkable physical properties, such as high-Tc superconductivity, anomalous Hall effect, novel topological orders etc. Yet, the underlining physics of these emergent quantum phenomena remain poorly understood. In recent few years, benefited by the fast development of new generation of x-ray light sources, ultra-high resolution inelastic x-ray scattering, fully coherent x-ray beam with nanometer x-ray spot, femtosecond time-resolution x-ray free electron laser (xFEL) become available to directly study the emerging low-energy excitations and their ultrafast processes. In this talk, I will present our works on various quantum materials and show how spin, charge and lattice excitations interact with each other and how these excitations conspire to determine the macroscopic physical properties.

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