Introduction to gyrotrons: principles and applications

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Time and place: 2020.9.17, 19:00 pm, Zoom Meeting

Presenter: Gregory S. Nusinovich

Title: Introduction to gyrotrons: principles and applications


Gyrotrons are well known as high-power sources of coherent electromagnetic radiation. In the millimeter- and submillimeter-wavelength regions, the power that gyrotronscan radiate in continuous-wave and long-pulse regimes exceed the power of classical microwave tubes by many orders of magnitude. In this lecture, I will give an introduction to the history of the development of gyrotrons. I will start by describing three kinds of coherent electromagnetic radiation by electron beams: Cherenkov or Smith-Purcell radiation, transition radiation, and bremsstrahlung. Then, I will focus on bremsstrahlung, and move from that (describing the history of studies) to cyclotron resonance masers (CRMs). The next step will be the invention of gyrotrons. The last part of this lecture will be devoted to gyrotron applications.

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