Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions

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Time and place: 2021.9.10, 16:00 pm, Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center B206

Presenter: Huiqiu Yuan

Title:Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions


In correlated electron systems, a magnetic transition can be continuously suppressed to zero temperature upon applying a non-thermal parameter such as pressure, magnetic field or doping, giving rise to a quantum critical point (QCP), around which unconventional superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid behavior may appear. In this talk, I will briefly present our recent progresses on the studies of magnetic quantum criticality in the d- and f-electron compounds, with focus on the antiferromagnetic quantum criticality in CeRh6Ge4 and CdAs, tuned by multiple parameters; and the discovery of ferromagnetic quantum criticality and its associated strange metal behavior in a clean heavy-fermion compound CeRh6Ge4, which shows characteristics of localized magnetism and anisotropic hybridization .

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