ntegrability and chaos of 1+1d chiral edge states

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Time and place: 2022.1.11, 9:30 am, VooV Meeting

Presenter: Biao Lian

Title: Integrability and chaos of 1+1d chiral edge states


I will talk about the integrability and chaos of 1+1d interacting chiral edge states, which may arise on the edge of 2+1d topological states of matter. We show that chiral Luttinger liquid is not always a good low energy description of the edge states, and marginal interactions can significantly affect their spectrum and integrability. We first study N identical chiral Majorana fermion modes with random 4-fermion interactions, where we show that the system undergoes a transition from integrable to quantum chaotic at N=7. The large N limit defines a chiral SYK model, where the Lyapunov exponent in the out-of-time-ordered correlation can be solved analytically. I will also present a chiral SY model which has Abelian anyon charge excitations and exhibits similar quantum chaos. Lastly, I will talk about the analytical and numerical study of the 4/3 FQH edge theory, which shows unusual behavior in its integrability.

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